This is a non-commercial fan site dedicated to the sharing of Elliott Smith live performance bootlegs.

Elliott Smith and his estate on the sharing of concert bootlegs:

what did elliott think about places where [people] download music (like napster)?

"i like the idea...sure, people should be able to trade musically with each other, i mean people do anyway...there's arguments to be made...but i don't really have an opinion...i'm not one of those bands that sells millions of records and then gets mad at napster"

what did elliott think about bootlegs?

"i think it's nice people want to take the trouble to record music that apparently they seem to like. i don't have any problem with that."

Charlie [official fan site webmaster] in conversation with Gary Smith, Elliott Smith's father:

"while we were talking, we talked about sharing/trading elliott's music and he thought it was important to mention it was ok to share or trade elliott's music because elliott believed people should be able to trade musically with each other and that the family feels the same."

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